Land decline in Land-Rich Africa: A creeping disaster in the making

The objective of this study was to identify areas of land degradation in sub‐Saharan Africa as observed from space by tracking the greenness of the vegetation signal expressed as Normalize Differenced Vegetation Index (NDVI). A series of additional databases was used, and, conclusions were drawn about the type of (agro) ecosystems under threat.



The fourteenth meeting of the ISPC was held from 14-16 September 2016 at ICRISAT Headquarters, Patancheru, India.

The thirteenth meeting of the ISPC was held from 25-27 May 2016 at CIP Headquarters, Lima, Peru.


Following SF 2016, the ISPC conducted an evaluation of the Forum to assist in planning and modeling future events more successfully. An online participant survey was carried out and citation analyses were done for the papers published in the special issues after the previous three SFs.

This ISPC commented study examines two distinct partnership domains: Multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) in Agricultural Research for Development and Global MSPs approaches. It develops a framework of Partnership and Innovation Modes to assist the CGIAR in embedding its work within the wider archi­tecture of partnership, platforms, and networks that will be required to tackle global scale challenges.