ISPC Commentary on CGIAR Portfolio – CRP-II

The ISPC reviewed 13 CRP pre-proposals and nine EoIs for four Cross-Cutting Platforms between 17 August and 28 September, (also drawing on reviews by external experts and referring to reviews of Phase 1 and Extension proposals). This document provides the ISPC assessment at the portfolio level.



The fourteenth meeting of the ISPC was held from 14-16 September 2016 at ICRISAT Headquarters, Patancheru, India.

The thirteenth meeting of the ISPC was held from 25-27 May 2016 at CIP Headquarters, Lima, Peru.


This ISPC commented study examines two distinct partnership domains: Multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) in Agricultural Research for Development and Global MSPs approaches. It develops a framework of Partnership and Innovation Modes to assist the CGIAR in embedding its work within the wider archi­tecture of partnership, platforms, and networks that will be required to tackle global scale challenges.

This document presents the ISPC’s 2017 Work Plan and Budget.